Handling Cutting Tools

Handling Cutting Tools

•Surface conditions affect toughness of cutting tools. Therefore, use a diamond grinding wheel for finishing.

•Hard tool materials are extremely hard and brittle at the same time. Thus, they may be broken by shocks and tightening with excess force.

•Hard tool materials and ferrous materials have different thermal expansion ratios. Shrinkage or swell fit products may suffer from cracks when applied temperature is higher or lower than the appropriate temperature for the tool.

•Pay special attention on storing hard tool materials. Toughness of hard tool materials is lowered when they corrode due to coolant and other liquid.

•When brazing hard tool materials, if the temperature is too high or too low from the melting point of the brazing material, loosening and breakage may occur.

•After regrinding cutting tools, make sure that there are no cracks.

•Machining hard tool materials on EDM may cause cracks on the surface due to electrons remaining after the EDM operation, resulting in lowering of the toughness. Eliminate these cracks by grinding, etc.