Use Alibaba’s RFQ service to quickly and efficiently connect with the right suppliers

Buying requests can be complicated. You expect clear product specifications, exact quantities, delivery times, and packaging styles. Precious time is wasted communicating with multiple suppliers one by one to negotiate an order. 

Alibaba’s Request for Quotation (RFQ) service solves this problem. RFQ finds you the right suppliers quickly—and it saves you time. Simply fill out an RFQ form, specify your order details, and wait for the suppliers to come to you.
To help you get great quotes and quickly connect with the right suppliers, follow these tips to submit a RFQ, check quotes, and contact suppliers.

How to submit your RFQ

1. Enter the product title
The title should be specific and clear. Otherwise, your RFQ may not be matched with the best suppliers.

2. Enter the minimum order quantity
The quantity may determine whether the suppliers can meet your needs or not. 

3. Enter the product details and attach custom designs or product pictures
The more details you enter, the more likely you are to get great quotes for your products.

4. Add any other requirements
If you have any special requirements for unit price, destination port, or payment method, enter the information here.

5. Select value-added services to improve your RFQ results
If you have an urgent request or you want more than 10 quotes from suppliers, you can choose value-added services. When you fill out the form, you can also check the status of "Completeness of Information".

rfq 1.png

rfq 2.png

Performance ratings

After you click "Submit RFQ", your RFQ performance will be rated on a five-star scale. The performance is calculated based on RFQ information integrity, registration information integrity and your activities on 

The performance rating will be shown to suppliers in the market. The higher your RFQ performance, the quicker and more accurate the quotes you receive from suppliers. Click "Learn more" to check how to improve your RFQ performance. 


How to check your quotes

After suppliers quote your RFQ, you can get multiple quotations by email, or via messages directly in Google Chrome (if you have authorized this service). Alternatively, you can check quotes in the Message Center in "My Alibaba.”Here you can compare different quotes and choose the most suitable supplier to negotiate with.





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