Is President Trump a threat to Alibaba?

The Misunderstanding

     During President Trump's campaign, much was said about importing from countries like China.  Trump expressed his plan to help small businesses and workers in the USA, citing his motto "America First".  Many people misunderstood this as a threat to make it more difficult for merchants in the USA to import products from China to sell them in the USA.  Further, many thought importing from Alibaba would be much more difficult, especially for small e-commerce merchants. This could not be further from the truth.  In fact, Trump's Administration may a great opportunity for small merchants.


  The Opportunity

     There is a silver lining at the end of the tunnel of the changes coming from a new administration.  President Trump does not want to end commerce with China.  Rather, he wants to make things more fair and equitable for both countries.  He is a businessman, and he understands businesspeople more than any other president before him.  He has met with Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma, and they have started a dialog to build a strong business relationship between China and the USA.   Jack Ma has committed to helping create 1 million new jobs in the USA, directly or indirectly.  Yes, you read that right, 1 million jobs.  Some of these will be in the form of small e-commerce merchants, just like many of us.  Many will become employed either by becoming a small e-commerce merchant, or by becoming so big that you need to hire more employees. Alibaba and Trump's administration will do this by creating programs that make it easier for e-commerce merchants to get started or expand.


   Wait, there's more

     As if importing from overseas and selling in the USA wasn't enough, Jack Ma has plans to enable USA's merchants to use Alibaba's huge platform to export USA products to China.  There are many USA products in health and beauty, fashion, food, supplements, entertainment, and others that are popular in China.  So now e-commerce merchants can double their business by exporting USA products to China, and importing China products to the USA.


Now is the time, go and succeed in e-commerce!

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by:                     Dan Velasco

                          brand-owner, entrepreneur, nice guy