One chance of training


Beijing time July 19th , my company - coffer me one chance to take part in training, this time of training is so great for me, I learn knowledge from there.


The master of lecture is Zheng Huifang, She comes from Guangzhou, although it is rain , the hotel already full of people before the lecture, there are many people from others places come to Wuhan for listening her lecture, it is amazing.


This lecture last about five hours, the whole atmosphere is happy and humorous, she spoke two aspects , first, how to make use of trade assurance to finish order, second, how to analyze customer.Then, she taught us how to use software to finish work. It is so great, I hope she can come here again.


The teacher is so sweet, she brought gifts for us from Guangzhou. It is a big surprise that received gift to listening lecture.


At the last, thank for my company(Birunwear Co.,Ltd )give me this chance. Our company will be better and better.