Metal cutting process--Turning

Turning is basically a method of forming a round part by a method of machining to a desired shape size by moving a tool against a rotating article and moving it.

External holder and internal boring bar produce round shaped workpieces. Machining processes that use holders or boring bars is called turning, and its main characteristic is that workpieces rotate.

A machine used for turning is called a lathe and it is one of the most popular machine tools. Various lathes are manufactured according to the targeted item.
Tooling such as bite for outer diameter, bite for inner diameter, drill etc is used for turning.

Turning work is mainly classified into center work, chuck work, bar work depending on the shape of the item. Depending on the type, the process is somewhat different but in general it is as follows.

Process of turning operation
● Work classification
· Center work
· Chuck work
· Bar work

● Processing condition setting
· Processing example · Search of processed data
* Data on tool wear etc. necessary for determining processing conditions was collected

· Setting chucking force
· Deformation of workpiece by chucking force
· Effect of center pushing force
● Processing
· Observation of processing state
·Trouble shooting

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