Metal cutting process--Milling

The tool in the photo below is a milling tool. Milling tools can be divided into two types ; one is face milling which machines the workpiece surface and the other is endmilling which performs slotting shoulder milling etc.. Machining modes that use facemills and endmills are called milling operations, and its main characteristic is that the tools rotate. The machine used for milling is called a milling machine


Milling is a typical machining method for machining. Cutting tool rotates at high speed and performs cutting. The material is fixed on the table, the cutting tool moves in the Z direction (up and down), and the table is machined by moving it in the X - Y direction (front - back, left and right). Use materials cut out into a rectangular shape like a rectangular parallelepiped. It is a machining method suitable for machining flat, side, groove etc.