Low-cost Home Security System

(Photo: Alibaba.com, 2017)


Home security via IP (Internet Protocol) cameras used to be very expensive. Only rich people could afford, because it required several IP cameras, computers, monitors, a displays hub, WIFI routers and a lot of cables. Besides, for hiding these cables, you have to spend a lot of money for decoration, if you demanded night vision, waterproof and long-range monitoring, it would cost you much more expenses.


Now everyone has WIFI at home and everyone cannot live without her/his mobile phone. We should thank Youtube, Netflix, FaceTime, Skype and etc., now the video streaming technology is growing so fast. Even HD quality streaming videos can be compressed into tiny files. Therefore, nowadays home security system only requires one camera, one WIFI router, and your smart phone will take care the rest parts.

(Photo: Alibaba.com, 2017)


Check the picture above, you can monitor your home via phone app remotely, and you can even chat with your children or pets by two ways audio function. Almost 80% of IP cams on market can support night-vision and motion detection. At last but not least, the cost is affordable to build a home security system for everyone.


(Photo: Alibaba.com, 2017)


As long as you have a WFI router, a lot of smart devices can be added on. For example, if you add a smart door lock (fingerprint sensor), or a smart bell (with camera), or a zigbee remote power switch, or maybe several home security alarms (for windows and doors), you can easily build a smart home show-room with high tech at your will, or even start a smart home brand. I can assure that you can find all of them on Alibaba.com.


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