An Introduction of Guangzhou Handbags Factory with Small MOQ

Guagnzhou YiYi Leather FactoryA stroll down Guangzhou handbags wholesale markets in Gui hua gang 桂花岗area, you’ll not be surprised that Guangzhou lives up to its name “Leather City”. However, I used to feel very weary about the bustling leather wholesale markets when few years ago I’ve been selling handbags here, working almost everyday, all day long!

Compared with the crowded, noisy leather wholesale markets, I’d prefer heading over to the handbags manufacturing base in shiling town 狮岭, within one hour and a half driving from city center of Guangzhou.

Centered by shiling international leather city which specializes in pu leather, canvas, ribbons, zippers, straps, hooks, etc..raw materials for handbags manufacturing, you can find countless of handbags factories in different sizes surrounding the neighborhood.

A bit similar to the Guangzhou clothes factory I’ve written on the last post, handbags factories here are also of very small MOQ, usually about 20, 30 or 50 pcs per design and their English is very limited. Most of the handbags manufacturers just cooperate with shops in Guangzhou leather markets and here back in the factory they will concentrate on manufacturing. For most of them, English is a great barrier.