Profit Opportunities from Wireless Charging

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Even you can google new iPhone 8 rumors everywhere, I would like to consolidate them briefly, and otherwise, this article would be difficult to understand. iPhone 8 will be the major redesign model for 2017. Here are the expected features:

a.   5.8-inch 18:9 full screen OLED display (by Samsung Display)

b.   A11 processor (by TSMC 10 nanometers, A10 was 16 nanometers. A11 is faster but lower power consumption)

c.   3GB RAM, 64/256GB NAND flash memory (by Samsung, SK Hynix and Toshiba)

d.   Internal metal frame (for panel protection) and glass-backed body (for better wireless charging)

e.   No home button (Extremely high possibility)

f.    Touch ID maybe under glass (but both hardware and software are not mature yet), or it may ditch a bigger home button altogether (I believe iPhone 8 will definitely support Touch ID, otherwise, Chinese users cannot live without Touch ID in China. We use it to pay for everything via Alipay or Wechat pay. And China market is too big to lose.)

g.   Facial recognition with front 3D sensor (The recognition process will be very fast and accurate, 3D sensor can prevent unlocked by portrait, like Samsung S8)

h.   Wireless charging (Induction-based, similar to the Apple watch, but with higher Qi version, maybe Qi 1.2.2. However, rumors said the software has not ready, so it might enable it later on and sell charging station separately.)

i.    Fast charging with cable (kept Lightning jack, but USB-C adapter)

j.    Vertical rear dual-camera (for better ARKit supporting), Front dual-camera as well

k.   IP68 water resistance (iPhone 7 and 7 plus are IP67)


Early rumor said Apple would use long range wireless charging, but when launched date is closer, foggy truth is getting clearer. Due to the limitation of technology, Apple will instead use a market standard, which is WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) party, widely used by Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung, Google and Qualcomm…etc. WPC is committed to the Qi standard, therefore, after new iPhone 8/7s Plus join this year, Qi supported devices will get a bigger market this year. Finally, we do not have to worry about the market size of Qi standard devices.


At last but not least, you do not require Qi supported device for wireless charging, as long as you have the Qi receiver. Any kind of phones can be wirelessly charged. Now Qi standard can support both induction and resonant ways. Check the pictures below for better understanding:(Source: WPC, 2017)


More than that… Samsung and LG always launched their new models before Apple. I guess this year would be around August. Samsung will soon launch Galaxy Note 8 and s8 mini. LG will launch V30. All of them will support wireless charging with Qi standard. Wake up! Smell the money! There are a few suggesting applications of wireless charging:


a.   Wireless charging stands

Not only use on mobile phones. Also the AirPods, Apple Watch....etc. As long as it supports Qi standard.


Left One                   Middle One                 Right One

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)


b.   Wireless charging car holders

Magnet car holders are very popular recently. Why doesn't it add the wireless charging function for better profit?


 Left One                                         Right One 

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)

c.   Wireless charging powerbank

Powerbank should be portable, so why it supports wireless charging? What if you can charge 2 phones in one time? (One is wireless charging, and another is wire charging) Or maybe you are watching a video, so you need a powerbank and a stand in the same time?


Left One                        Middle One                       Right One

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)

d.   Wireless charging receivers (Lightning, Micro-USB, Type C):

If your devices are not support Qi, you will need a receiver for energy input. Remember to check the type of phone jack.


Left One                                                 Right One

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)


e.   Wireless charging receiver cases

Receiver usally needs to be covered by cases... Why bother?




Left One                        Middle One                      Right One

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)


f.   Type C supported wireless charging docking:

If it supports Type C input, you should find the ones who can support QC 3.0 (Qualcomm quick charge). Otherwise, Type C port will be a waste. Check my last article here.




Left One                                                 Right One

(Source: Alibaba, 2017)


If you want to print Qi logo on your products, you should ask your supplier to provide the certification from WPC. Check the example below.


(Source: WPC, 2017)


Example of Qi certificate of registration:

(Source: WPC, 2017)



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