Seize the Profit Chance from Headphone

(Photo: Apple, 2017)


I recall how many articles criticized AirPods last year for its high price and launch delayed. However, the booming sales of AirPods caught everyone by surprise once again. Apple took one-fourth of the wireless headphone market since the launch of AirPods.


(Source: Slice Intelligence, 2017)


Now iPhone 8 is coming in September and rumors said AirPods will be standard equipped and also the 3.5mm audio-jack will be removed (High probability will keep using Lightning-jack, Type C will locate in adapter side for fast charging purpose). Therefore, a few applications and products below will be very popular this year!!


1. Lightning (Male) to 3.5mm headphone-jack (Female) adapter: I bet no one will throw away your old EarPots (Apple headphone), in case your AirPods is out of battery or something… Find more here.


(Photo: Apple, 2017)


2. AirPods Accessories: EarhookCharge box caseAnti-lost cable. Click to see more.



(Photo:, 2017)


3. AirPods Like Headphone: TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds (Find more here) now are very popular, if you add a charge box, it will get you more profit. 



(Source:, 2017)


People who have purchased the AirPods are very satisfied by the users experience. According to a new survey from Experian and Creative Strategies, 942 AirPods owners polled, 98 percent of them replied they were more than “satisified!” Thank Apple that the AirPods still cost $159, so it provides a good profit margin for similar products.



(Source: Experian and Creative Strategies, 2017)



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