Market Trend of LCD Monitors in 2017

Have you ever tried curved wide monitor? I was hooked by its applications in both productivity and gaming. Now the display devices are getting bigger and wider in all applications. Samsung unveiled a 49-inch ultra-wide curved display in time for E3 this month. Its aspect ratio is 32:9, and regular flat wide-screen monitor is 16:9. Check the photo below will make you easier to image, especiall check the size of keyboard and also the width of excel table.


Source: Photo by Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider, 2017


Samsung always enlarge the market trends of screen technology and use them to promote its brand image, such as Curved TV, Curved Phone, the first Galaxy Note (the first big 7-inch phone), AMOLED , Quantum dots …etc. They were successful strategies on marketing all the time and the most of those technologies became real trend eventually. The most sarcastic trend was that Apple’s iPhone 8 adopted Samsung’s OLED panels as the single source first. I bet Steve Jobs would cry his heart out for this in heaven…


Therefore, I predict curved-wide OLED screens will become the main trend for LCD monitors in 2017. The main stream ratio will be 21:9. The main steam size will be 34-inch. If your monitor size gets beyond 27-inch, it will be very difficult to see the entire screen without moving your head. 34-inch with 21:9 ratio will be the best curved size for watching, gaming and working. Besides, you can easily find out the main stream size and ratio from LG’s owned brand products, but only can apply to OLED panels’ category, because LGD is still the biggest and dominant supplier for OLED big screen panels. Samsung’s owned brand products only purchase 50% of their owned panels. LG’s sourcing strategy usually will use owned panels more than Samsung’s. On the other hand, if you put 2 curved-wide screens together and use them to work, you will be hooked as well. Check the last photo below.


Source: LG official website (34-inch is everywhere…)


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Source: LG official website (See how comfortable twin curved-wide screens can be?)



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