When a Spanish artist discovers the Orient


When a Spanish artist discovers the Orient



Carmen Guzman, from Madrid, Spain. As many Spanish women , she is enthusiastic and active. She has an outstanding innate skill for painting and design. She has been devoted to the design sphere for more than 27 years, and already dipped into indoor designs, displayed art, fashion design, art ornaments design and many other domains.  In 2009, she joined a VERSSE  and dedicated herself to the creation of handbags.


Work achievements: settled in Guangzhou for 11 years, providing  many creative designs to European and Chinese brands. She already worked for the Spanish Consulate General in Guangzhou, the official Spanish travel agency, the Spanish Commercial Affairs Office and the Real Madrid and did many other important indoor design projects.


 Sometimes, the fate between a person and a city sounds very simple, for example Carmen and Guangzhou, and it comes from the fact that a Spanish man was working in Guangzhou. Carmen and him once met while traveling by plane, and it was love at first sight. Carmen followed him to Guangzhou, and what she discovered there made her passionate for life  about the Oriental beauty. And because she had lived in Paris and Madrid for a long time before, she almost did not know a thing about Guangzhou.


Carmen usually likes to go to the stands and the flea markets on Shangxiajiu street and Kangwang street, once in a while she also goes to Foshan, Zhongshan, etc. to enjoy bargaining with vendors and thereby getting to know the traditional Chinese culture and all this would give her artistic inspiration. Although all the ancient objects are not antiques, to Carmen, who loves, who enjoys. Relying on the devotion and understanding of the traditional Chinese culture and customs, she uses traditional arts and crafts like embroidery, knitting and sewing by hand on her bags to create many amazing art pieces.


Carmen believes firmly that artwork is borderless, the belief of tolerance is the same as our company, we are sincerely inviting more creator join us. Currently, our design team is consisted of 5 peoples and they come from different counties. We will keep improve ourselves and give our clients even better work.