Why you should be looking internationally for suppliers

The most powerful brands today have one thing in common: they create superior products and experiences by leveraging on a global economy.

Fashion powerhouse Zara, for example, is renowned for its speed in delivering trendy, high-quality clothes to more than 2,100 stores in 88 countries worldwide. Central to its success is the fact that it has suppliers from all over the world – Morocco, India, Turkey, Bangladesh – which allows the retail giant to boost its production speed and flexibility. As of 2015, Zara’s brand is valued at US$9.4 billion by Forbes.  

Businesses of all shapes and sizes should take heed. The same economies of scale supporting the success of global brands have never been more accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. With increasing connectivity at the touch of our fingertips, business owners simply require an internet connection to access the best supplies from anywhere around the globe and have them shipped to their doorstep. 

As the world’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba.com connects international buyers with suppliers in almost 50 countries. Here are four reasons why smart companies are increasingly turning to Alibaba.com to meet their needs:

1. Product quality

Cost is important, but it doesn’t count for much if the quality doesn’t meet expectations. Having an international range of suppliers means that you’re able to select the best quality products from different regions of the world, such as consumer electronics from China and textiles from Pakistan.

To ensure a high standard for its products, Alibaba.com allows its suppliers to acquire several different badges to prove their authenticity. For instance, a Gold Supplier badge indicates that a business has passed Alibaba.com’s mandatory verification process from a third-party company and is thus more likely to provide a safe and positive trading experience.

An Assessed Supplier badge is a sign of even greater trustworthiness: it’s an optional service, performed by world-class inspection services, that verifies a company’s authenticity so you can have greater peace of mind in your purchase.

2. Trade Assurance

Alibaba.com’s Trade Assurance is a free service that suppliers can sign up to in order to safeguard the quality of your order. Should your purchase fail to ship on time, or if the quality of your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get a refund for the amount agreed upon with your supplier.

3. Inspection Service

If you’re ordering in bulk, it would be useful to make use of Alibaba.com’s Inspection Service to have third party professionals check your order for defects. Your goods can be inspected onsite, at any manufacturing or port facility in China, and you will be given reports (complete with pictures) to certify that your order meets quality standards before being shipped.

4. e-Credit Line

Available in the US, UK, and Spain, Alibaba.com offers buyers a huge boost in purchasing power with e-Credit Line – a revolving line of credit for financing their purchases from Chinese suppliers. The service features competitive interest rates beginning at 6.0%, zero early payment penalties, and no application and membership fees.

With millions of products in over 40 categories and suppliers from all over the globe, you can be confident about getting the best quality products at highly competitive prices for your business.

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