For Love Running


A full month elapsed,on November 30, 2016 my colleagues and I took part in a events
in Wuhan. We were running together.The events of main purpose is to care for AIDS.
There were so many people who participated that day. It was more like a party than
a marathon.

Everyone I saw was smiling and enjoying themselves. Although I did’t win it only
took me thirty minutes to cross the finish line! I liked the race very much. I
really enjoyed the process. After the race my muscles were sore but it did’t
matter as my colleagues and I had such a great time.

Bizarre Sports, my company, provided our running t-shirts. All of our employees
took part in the marathon. This was a proud moment for all of us and it made the day
very special.

I can personally say these t-shirts were so comfortable to wear while we were
running. I’m also happy to report that after washing the t-shirts kept their
bright clours and I’m looking forward to wearing my shirt again in my next

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