What are "To Port" Shipments?



Many times customers request that we simply forward the merchandise to a port in final country of destination. When paying  us for the fright  cost, they are billed for freight and any other origin charges that the shipment may have generated. Upon their shipment arriving to the port of destination, many are surprised when they are billed local destination charges such as landing charges and destination terminal handling charges upon others. Our to port shipments for FCL means that we will coordinate the shipment from Port A to Port B and upon container arriving in final destination port, our services have been fulfilled. Any charges stemming from the port of destination and beyond are responsibility of the consignee.

Our to port shipments for LCL means the we will load your loose cargo in a consolidated container that is destined to the port of your choice. As the shipment is consolidated with other cargo, the container can’t be left at the port and is therefore taken to an approved deconsolidation facility at destination. The charges paid to us for the to port LCL services cover all origin charges and assuring that the cargo arrives in a container to final destination port. Any charges from the port on including deconsolidation charges and other local charges are payable by the consignee.