Yangxiang — A Less Known Paradise for Cloth Accessories in Guangzhou

Yangxiang(杨巷), adjacent to shi san hang clothes markets, located in the center of Liwan district, surrounded by xi di er electronic markets and Liwan plaza jewelry markets, is far less known than clothes accessories markets in Zhongda.

Yangxiang(杨巷), the name was originated from the descendants of a royal family with family name Yang living in the neighborhood. Xiang(巷), which means narrow alleys in Chinese, vividly describes the architectural features of the area. With its key location at the heart of the city surrounded by Guangzhou wholesale markets of various kinds, it quickly has evolved to be the largest business district for fabric and cloth accessories before the modernize, huge-scale Zhongda fabric markets were built.

Compared with the contemporary building in Zhongda fabric markets with air condition, elevator…all modern facilities, the narrow, twisted alleys of Yangxiang(杨巷) seems to be a century lagging behind, losing its competitiveness.

However, you can’t miss Yangxiang(杨巷) if,

1.You’re business oriented
For instance, a simple furry accessory in vogue recently costs 1 RMB in Yangxiang cloth accessories market, while in Zhongda fabric markets, it’s sold at 1.3-1.8 RMB in most shops. And exaggeratedly, in gui hua gang accessories markets for handbags, the same thing is sold at lowest price of 6 RMB. It makes a big difference if you order several thousand pieces.

Finding the right place, talking to the right person always matter a lot.

The products cover fabric, ribbon, lace, embroidery accessories, printing accessories, straps, drawstrings, resins, beads, brass, crystals, buttons, zippers, hooks, belts, leather tag, metal tag, tape…etc.

Walking into the twisting alleys, you’ll find more suppliers of better rates with quality almost the same.

2.You want to delve into Cantonese culture.
Yangxiang’s a great place to know how local people live while at the same time exploring the markets with most of the accessories you can find in Zhongda but in general at cheaper rate.

Walking to the end of Yangxiang, you’ll arrive at shang xia jiu(上下九), one of the most well known pedestrian streets in Guangzhou with a long history.