Become a Sourcing Master by Mastering RFQ

The Request for Quotation (RFQ) service is an efficient and effective way for finding the right suppliers on You simply fill out an RFQ form, specify your order details and wait for the suppliers to come to you!

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But it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of your RFQ submission determines the quality of your supplier responses.

To help you become an RFQ sourcing master, follow these three key tips!

1. Explain your business

A little introduction goes a long way in helping suppliers better understand your needs. What does your business do? Who are your customers? Let the suppliers know!

2. Provide specific details

Keep it simple and concise. Provide all of the product specifications you can think of: material, color, height, width, price range, order quantity, packaging, delivery requirements, etc. 

3. Be patient

You will always have the option to expedite your RFQ submissions for urgent requests, in addition to other value-added services.

But if you are submitting a regular RFQ, allow suppliers an appropriate amount of time to reply. Time differences, holidays in different countries and other factors can create slight delays.

There are millions of success stories of buyers finding great suppliers using the RFQ service.

I guarantee that behind each success story was a highly detailed RFQ submission. So when you‘re ready to have the right suppliers find you, fill out an RFQ—and remember these three tips!




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