Are Tempur-Pedic mattresses worth the money?

Ti Zhao, Owned one for 3 years

I owned a Tempur-Pedic sleep system (one of their lower end ones) for about 3 years, then had to part ways with it and found myself with a much cheaper mattress from Ikea (about $2000 cheaper in fact, but also made of foam).

Did I love the Tempur-Pedic? Absolutely.
Did I love it $2000 more than the foam mattress from Ikea? I'm not sure.

Here are a few things I noticed with the Tempur-Pedic bed:

  • I liked it significantly more than box-spring mattresses. Since it's foam, there are no springs or anything creating pressure-points. Really awesome if you're a side sleeper like me.  It being soft also makes sleeping on your stomach more comfortable. I have learned since then that I just prefer foam mattresses overall.
  • I loved the feeling of sinking into the mattress when I'd go to sleep. I would lay down, and it would gently sink down then cradle my body perfectly. It make going to bed at night an exceptional experience.
  • As great as falling asleep on it was, I didn't necessarily wake up feeling better rested compared to other beds (such as my cheap Ikea mattress). In fact, most mornings, I'd just wake up feeling really really hot.
  • If you sleep with another person on the bed, theoretically, they can't feel your movements as you shift around. But if you're sharing a blanket anyways, that pretty much negates it.
  • If you own one, don't move apartments. Ever. Seriously. Moving that heavy, floppy mattress makes moving 100x more annoying and difficult than it already is.

All that being said, I think it really is a personal thing. Some people swear by it and claim that they can't get good sleep anywhere else.  I'm a big proponent of investing in good sleep (we do spend a third of our lives doing it!), but for me, I don't know if it was worth THAT much.

Zoletta Cherrystone

I owned a Tempur-Pedic for ten years, then, sadly, developed an allergy to it. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, now, and so had to get rid of it, as well as a lot of other things, like all my perfumes. But I digress.

For the ten years I slept on it, I thought I was in heaven. It was so beyond comfortable - I couldn't wait to climb in bed at night. Every time I got in, I would smile and pat the bed and feel so damned privileged that I owned one of the best mattresses in the universe.

I can't count how many of my friends who came over to visit me would also want to visit my mattress. They would just sit on it, squish it down with their hands like in the TV commercials, then watch in amazement as it popped back up. Everybody was so jealous, and wanted one of their own.

I, personally, never thought there was a problem with the material feeling too hot. However, I used to work in a store where they were sold, and there was no shortage of people returning them for that very reason.

They do offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied in 90 days, but they won't pay for you to ship it back to them, which could run $200-325. This doesn't apply if you bought it from a retail store. I mean, if you return it to the store yourself, you should be able to get back your entire purchase price - but check with the individual store before you take my word for it.

In other news - they now have a Tempur-Pedic TEDDY BEAR!!! Just imagine, a Tempur-Pedic mattress in the shape of a Teddy Bear. Life - Is - Beautiful.

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