How to Maintain The Chiller Unit (1)

Main contents of the refrigeration unit maintenance, including routine and periodic . Regular maintenance will ensure the long term work, extending the service life of the unit, also saving energy consumption of refrigeration. It is a need to have running records, record unit operation, and establish a maintenance file on Chillers. Complete technical information will help find hidden trouble, take early measures in case of failure to appear.



Refrigeration compressors are key parts in the unit and is directly related to the stability of the unit. If the compressor fails, typically require the factory to carry out the repair due to the compressor installation requires high precision.


Bizarre screw compressor


2.Change the Lubricant

After long-term using refrigeration unit, poor lubricating oil, oil impurities and moisture inside the increase, so to observe and check the oil on a regular basis. Once a problem is discovered should be solved in time, the oil replacement brand must meet the technical information.