Zoomlion Vice President Xiong Yanming: Serving Customers Worldwide In The Spirit Of Perfection



At Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany, the equipment and machinery products integrating the global innovation genes of Zoomlion (000157) are presenting a profound interpretation of Zoomlion’s exhibition theme - “Build for Sustainable Better Lives” and its spirit of providing perfect services. 


On the opening day, Zoomlion won big orders of tower cranes and construction cranes from P&J Acromet, the exclusive tower crane agent in North America, and Erke, a crawler crane agent in Turkey. All these achievements are attributed to Zoomlion’s vigorous implementation of its strategy of deeply tapping the overseas market, which also demonstrate the manufacturing strength of China to the world.         


Xiong Yanming, Zoomlion vice president and its overseas company’s general manager, and James King, chairman of the magazine International Construction at Bauma 2016.  


“We not only bring out products typical of technological innovation to this fair but also show our achievements in localization drive. Zoomlion has provided its products manufactured in China for the whole world and also had overseas supply system to serve the overseas market so far,” said Xiong Yanming (first, right), Zoomlion vice president and its overseas company’s general manager. 

Continuously Enhancing the Innovation Competence of Chinese Manufactures 


 “When we saw our Western counterparts two decades ago, I was shocked our big technological gap with them. But today, in terms of the series and basic performance of products, I feel that we have already had a very small distance from the Western counterparts,” Xiong said at the fair confidently. 


Zoomlion exhibits 38 varieties of star products in six major categories including concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction crane, construction elevators and industrial vehicles. These products’ performance has achieved the international leading level, and some technologies show the technical foundation and strength of Zoomlion, making Chinese manufacturing a “pioneer” in more and more technical aspects. 


One of the exhibits is K45H concrete pump truck which adopts the carbon fiber technology initiated by Zoomlion’s sub-brand CIFA, much lighter and durable. The green hybrid mixer in the ENERGYA series is the exclusive plug-in hybrid concrete mixer in the world, reflecting the technological innovation capability of Zoomlion. 


Xiong Yanming also stated that the innovation ability of Chinese manufacture is also reflected in its environment-friendly and intelligent properties. In regard to the reduction of both carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, the exhibits embody our product concept of “pursuing perfection” and also interpret Zoomlion’s development thought of “build for sustainable better lives”. 


 “I think the current gap is more reflected in the balance of global market. In the past two decades, we have always focused on the Chinese market and made great efforts to improve the series and performance of our products, thus shortening our gap with the western counterparts rapidly,” said Xiong Yanming.  

Bringing the Perfect Innovation Genes to the International Arena


As the head of Zoomlion’s overseas company, Xiong Yanming clearly pointed out that the gap of Chinese equipment manufacturing with the foreign counterpart is mainly reflected in the balance of global market. Thanks to the implementation of internationaliz