Quality Control Check List: Gym Exercise Equipment

Different kinds of Gym exercise Equipment inspection :
Fitness facility, including: weight lifting, gymnastics, vertical press gym equipment, touch screen fitness Equipment, commercial gym spinning bike, fitness equipment, adjustable sit up bench, leg press machine, incline chest press machine, cable pull-down fitness equipment, treadmill;


Some comment factor for Gym exercise Equipment quality control:
1.Appearance quality:the surface of the product shouldn’t have visible defects(dirty,
Scratch mark,etc)
3.Workmanship:defective list
4.Bar code Scan
5.The power supply voltage test
6.Speed test
7.Hi-pot test
8.packing & marking
9.power cord Pull test
10.CDF file check
11.Power consumption test
12.Basic function test(Switch function,Led display,Buzzer sound)
13.Assembly check


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